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Submissions Are Open for ‘1807’: An Art and Literary Journal

UMB’s Council for the Arts & Culture is pleased to announce that the inaugural edition of its art and literary journal, 1807, will launch in spring 2019.

Are you passionate about your art? Do you love to share your art with the public? Then submit your best work to 1807. We accept writing, photography, and/or photos of high-caliber art.

The Council for the Arts & Culture strives to encourage members of the UMB community to express themselves creatively through art and the written word. The annual journal will showcase the talents of our faculty, staff, students, and the broader UMB community in the visual arts (painting, drawing, photography), other art mediums (sculpture, clay, metal, glass, wood), and the written word (short story, essay, poetry). 1807 seeks high-caliber, unpublished works that broadly and creatively relate to the Council for the Arts & Culture’s themes of social justice, health, healing, the mind, and the body.

Submissions are being accepted online only until Feb 15, 2019.

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