The Library Genie responds

The HS/HSL’s Library Genie Responds

The Health Sciences and Human Services Library’s (HS/HSL) Library Genie heard your calls for free printing, nap pods, more rolling/comfy chairs, coffee/snack options, and more standing desks. Some of these ideas are being investigated and others are on their way.

Look for more of your favorite chairs, new padded seat cushions, and more mobile standing desks in the near future. We are evaluating what can be done to ease those coffee and snack cravings as you spend hours studying in the library.

Free printing is an understandable wish but more difficult to tackle as we provide printing and copying paper on a cost-recovery basis to keep the equipment functioning. While we will not be investing in nap pods, we are committed to providing you with more comfortable furniture options such as the cushioned booths on the second and third floors, with more to come. The Library Genie is creative and is always watching for opportunities to make visiting the HS/HSL a super experience for you.

Everly BrownEducation, People, University LifeJanuary 25, 20190 comments

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